Get to know essential skills to differentiate yourself from others and become an independent developer.

New mental models and principles I got by learning to code.

A simple handbook of 5 non-written rules for reviewing a pull request

  • Reliability
  • Security & Security Review
  • Maintainability
  • Test Coverage
  • Duplications


  • Docker installed on your machine
  • Homebrew installed


  1. brew install sonar-scanner (only first time)
  2. Download Docker and start it by running a command…

Android Debug Bridge

ADB is a command-line tool that lets developers an alternative way to communicate with a device. It provides us a way of installing and debugging apps via terminal.

  • client: running on your machine and…

Demystifying ‘this’ keyword in JS


Whenever you write code and run it, you rely on some of the…

Adnan Sahinovic

Software Engineer. Sharing notes, thoughts & documenting my tech journey

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